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What kind of Casino games do you offer?


Place Your Bet Casino Event carries all the popular games you would see in a Las Vegas casino such as Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Texas Hold’em, Three Card poker, Let it Ride, Pai-Gow and War. 

Do the guests need to be a certain age to play?


No. Your guests can be any age and still enjoy the excitement and fun of a casino party.


Do we play for real money?

No! No real money is to be used on the tables. At the start of the event, each guest is given a predetermined amount of funny money or play chips that can be exchanged at the table of their choice for game chips.


The object is simple, have lots of fun while trying to win as much as possible by the end of the event. Once the party is over, your guests will cash in their chips for either funny money or raffle tickets.

Although not necessary, often times the Casino Host will have prizes available at the end of the Casino Party. Winners of the event can be determined through either a raffle drawing, an auction, or by simply rewarding the top chip earners. If prizes are going to be awarded, they are generally provided by the Casino Party host. 

Are Casino Parties Legal?

Yes! As long as real money doesn't change hands. If this is the first time throwing a casino party, you may want to know how a casino party actually works. Since the tables are provided as entertainment purposes only, and there is no actual gambling going on it is legal.

How big are the Casino Tables and will they fit in my home/venue?


Here is a list of our tables with Table measurements:

  • Blackjack – 6′ x 4′ – Half Circle

  • Roulette – 8′ x 4′ – Rectangular Table

  • Small Craps – 8′ x 4′ – Rectangular Table

  • Large Craps – 12′ x 4′ – Rectangular Table

  • Texas Hold’em – 8′ x 4′ – Rectangular Table

  • Three Card Poker – 6′ x 4′ – Half Circle

  • Let it Ride Poker – 6′ x 4′ – Half Circle

  • Pai-Gow Poker – 6′ x 4′ – Half Circle

  • Wheel of Fortune – 6′ x 4′ – Half Circle


The measurements above are for the tables footprint.  With guests standing around the tables, you will want to add 3 feet to the overall dimensions.


We normally recommend 500 square feet for every 50 guests playing.  This may change if there are no walls (Exit doors that cannot be blocked) or cocktail tables, etc…


We are more than happy to discuss room dimensions or schedule a site visit to make sure the equipment fits your needs.  

How Many Casino Tables do I need for my event?


A good rule of thumb is 50% to 70% of your guests playing at one time. Keep in mind that not every single person is going to be playing simultaneously, some will be talking, eating, dancing, etc.. If your event has a DJ, stay around the 50% mark.  If your event is relying solely on the Casino Tables to provide the entertainment for the evening, then the 70% mark will suit you better.


Below is a list of our tables and how many guests each table plays:


  • Blackjack – Plays up to 7 guests simultaneously

  • Roulette – Plays up to 10 guests simultaneously

  • Small Craps – Plays up to 14 guests simultaneously

  • Large Craps – Plays up to 20 guests simultaneously

  • Texas Hold’em – Plays up to 9 guests simultaneously

  • Three Card Poker – Plays up to 7 guests simultaneously

  • Let it Ride Poker – Plays up to 7 guests simultaneously

  • Pai-Gow Poker – Plays up to 6 guests simultaneously

  • Wheel of Fortune – Plays up to 10 guests simultaneously











What is included with the Casino rentals?

The online pricing you see on our website includes the dealers, chips, cards, delivery and setup.  Everything you need to run the table is included.  


Some things to keep in mind is that all of our games are standing up games and no chairs are needed with the exception of Texas Hold’em.  The Texas Hold’em table requires chairs, and those are not included.  Normal folding chairs or dining room chairs work well with our Poker tables.


We also include raffle tickets and raffle drums with all of our parties as well as the starter chips / vouchers that your guests will use to start the gaming.


What if a guest runs out of chips?

Place Your Bet Casino Event Party Host will be provided with an unlimited amount of vouchers, chips, or funny money to offer their guests. If a guest runs out of game chips, all they have to do is seek out the Casino Host and request more. The Casino Host is welcome to hand out vouchers, chips, and funny money as they please. Remember, the main idea behind a Casino Party is that all of your guests have a great time.

If you are having a fundraiser for your special cause, then additional vouchers or game chips would be purchased from the Casino Host in the form of an additional donation. This will vary based upon how the fundraiser has been setup.

How long is a Casino Party?


A typical Casino Party will last between 2 – 4 hours. Often times, you’ll notice your guests are having so much fun that you’ll want to keep the party going a little longer. Simply talk to your on-site Casino Manager about extending the length of your event. 

What do my guests do with all of the chips at the end of the party?

At the end of the Casino Party, your guests will turn in all of the chips they have won at a designated location. If prizes are available, participants will receive either funny money or raffle tickets that can be used to win them through either a drawing or an auction. In some cases, prizes are simply awarded to the top game chip earners.

What are some great ideas for prizes?

When choosing prizes for your event finding the right product for your guests can be a challenge. Consider the following criteria when selecting prizes: 

  • It should be something the majority of your guests would want.  

  • The prize should have a recognizable brand name associated with durability and a positive reputation. 

  • Gift certificates to major stores, Prepaid MasterCard / Visa Debit Cards, & American Express gift checks, can also make great prizes. 

  • Restaurant gift certificates also make great prizes. Please keep in mind that these type of certificates are usually more worthwhile if they come from a more upscale restaurant. 

  • If you are trying to watch the budget and still want to give away some great prizes, things like movie passes, lottery tickets, and video rentals will work great.

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